Laurence Chapman - Composer

Laurence Chapman is a classically - trained composer and pianist. Recent work includes the Sorcery! saga and 80 Days from Inkle Studios. 

The multi award winning 80 Days is Time Magazine's #1 Game of 2014 and was Editor's Choice on the App Store. In an updated version of the Jules Verne classic (written by Meg Jayanth) you play as Passpartout, Fogg's valet, in an attempt to circumnavigate the globe. 

Buy the music here. (£0.50)

Scores of the music are below, with the piano version available for download here

The music is deliciously infectious, especially the main theme, which greatly invokes the map sequences from the Indiana Jones movies.
— Jonathan Miley,

Composing 80 Days

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"The game wasn’t quite finished when I started composing the music to 80 Days; all I had to go on were some screenshots and some usefully detailed descriptions from inkle about what sort of music they wanted. I had Jon’s words ‘bold, stark, and somewhere on the borders of jazz’ pencilled into my sketchbook as I wrote.

As usual, I came up with three short ideas for Jon and Joe to listen to and we ended up using on my second idea - the two remaining demos can be heard on this page.

It took about two days to sketch out the music and a further morning to orchestrate it for the virtual orchestra. 

You can see various scores below including an arrangement for piano as well as some extracts from the original sketches."

Page 1 of the sketch score to 80 Days. Click to enlarge. (Opens in new window.)

Page 1 of the sketch score to 80 Days. Click to enlarge. (Opens in new window.)

80 Days Scores

Piano version. Click here to download. (Opens in new window)

Full orchestral score

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