Laurence Chapman - Composer

Laurence Chapman is a classically - trained composer and pianist. Recent work includes the Sorcery! saga and 80 Days from Inkle Studios. 

In between mixing recordings and editing scores for the third series of Hetty Feather (CBBC), Laurence spent a few days creating a short demo track for inkle's next project, Heaven's Vault. The project is likely to include more music than previous outings and some intriguing musical settings.

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The Nebula. A network of rivers, flowing from one moon to the next, carrying air and water between scattered clusters of civilisation. No one knows how the Nebula was formed. No one knows how it will end.

Aliya "El" Elasra and her unwilling robot assistant Six are going to find out. Somewhere in the ruins of the Nebula’s oldest worlds lies a truth that will change everything.

Sail rivers of starlight, translate lost languages, and investigate ancient ruins in an all-original graphic adventure from the creators of 80 Days.

Work on the score is due to start in July....

El & Six

El & Six