Laurence Chapman - Composer

Laurence Chapman is a classically - trained composer and pianist. Recent work includes the Sorcery! saga and 80 Days from Inkle Studios. 

$99 Orchestra record "A Dash Across Hollywood"

The $99 Orchestra have developed from a 30-piece ensemble to a range of choices now including a choir and a rock band as well as smaller string groups recorded in London.

For their latest sessions, Laurence submitted a short piece for their 56 piece orchestra featuring plenty of Hollywood-esque stylistic flourishes to see what they could do in half an hour. As it turns out, they can do a fair amount.

Sorcery! 4 The Crown Of Kings Released

The final installment of the Sorcery! saga is out now on iOs, Google Play and Steam. The game features music by Laurence Chapman recorded by the same orchestra that played on the second and third chapters. All of Laurence's themes to the series below are available to download via bandcamp (see below) and the sheet music can also be downloaded here. 

Cape Guy Recording Session With Leos Strings

On the hottest day of 2016 so far, four members of Leos Strings and their sound engineer Richard Brooker bravely agreed to be sealed into a studio for a few hours to perform Laurence's music to Ben Nicholson's (a.k.a Cape Guy) upcoming game.

The session was a great success with the intrepid quartet polishing off the music in a little over two hours with occasional breaks for lollies, gallons of cold water, or just to sit outside and slowly gasp. The game and the music are planned for release in November 2016.

From left to right: Rhiannon James, Michael Jones, Rachel Shakespeare, Laurence Chapman, Caroline Pether.

Leos Strings Rehearse extracts from 1st String Quartet and 'Suffolk Sketches'

In a recent recording session which included music for indie developer Cape Guy, Leos Strings also rehearsed extracts of Laurence's in-progress concert works. These included his 1st String Quartet and parts of 'Three Suffolk Sketches'; both works will be completed in the next few months. Extracts can be heard below.

Members of Leos Strings rehearsing some works in progress by Laurence Chapman

Members of Leos Strings rehearsing some works in progress by Laurence Chapman

Smog to feature in London Independent Film Festival

Smog, a short fantasy film featuring music by Laurence Chapman will feature in the the London Independent Film Festival on April 22nd.

Directed by Rafe Gibbons and produced by Jack Thomas O'Brien, the film tells a story in which a giant smog cloud has blocked out the sun and turned London into a totalitarian state. Schoolgirl Molly and her grandfather come up with a plan to bring the sunlight back, building a magical airship to clear the skies.

Smog is an original story, combining live action and 2D animation. It was made for family and fantasy audiences, and has a strong environmental theme.

Original Sorcery! 3 score available online.

The original handwritten score for the extended version of 'Sorcery! 3 The Seven Serpents' is available via Issuu and YouTube. Being slightly larger than A3, the score was difficult to scan and the results are by no means perfect, but the YouTube video in full screen mode and HD should give reasonably good results.

The .pdf file is too large to host on this website, but can be seen below on Issuu. Downloads are enabled, but may require users to sign in.

Captain Travel Pilot published on YouTube

The Disney Maker funded pilot of Captain Travel from Beau's Toy Farm is now on YouTube featuring music from Laurence Chapman. Our eponymous traveler's first stop is London - after narrowly missing some cows.

The more likes/comments/shares, the better chance it has of being made into a series, so watch and share now!

Captain Travel has landed in a strange new city, but don't worry he is not afraid. On this leg of his mission, Captain Travel interviews the people of London to learn all about... British people! SUBSCRIBE: "Captain Travel" is a part of the Maker Studios' SPARK program.

Sorcery! Parts 1 & 2 Available on Steam Store

The first half of the Sorcery! series from inkle Studios complete with music from Laurence Chapman is out now on the Steam Store at £4.19. The music is also available to download and includes sheet music from parts 2-4.  

Original Music to 'Smog' available for download

Smog is a short film directed by Rafe Gibbons and produced by Jack Thomas O'Brien. Based in a fantastical smog-covered London where its inhabitants are blinded by convention, Molly is an inquisitive, intelligent school girl who imagines change. Her grandfather is the ageing inventor George Crockett whose magical sky-machine, the De-Smoggler, gathers dust in his workshop.

The music is available as a free download. 

80 Days now out on Mac and PC

The multi - award winning 80 Days along with its widely - loved score is now available for Mac and PC via Steam, GoG and Humble priced at £6.99. 

Inkle, along with Meg Jayanth, have updated the game with an extra 150,000 words including two new world-spanning major plotlines

80 Days was Time Magazine's Game of The Year 2014, and was nominated for four BAFTA Game awards.

To find out more, visit inkle's Blog. 

Sorcery! 2 composing underway.

After choosing between a few different approaches, the Sorcery! 2 theme is now in the works. A quicker and more burly piece than Sorcery! 3 with all sections of the orchestra getting a good workout. 

The recording session is due to take place in November, along with the yet-to-be written theme to the final part in the saga, Sorcery! 4 The Crown of Kings. Expect yet another musical contrast in this sinister and nightmarish episode.  

Inkle Studio's News page

Inkle Studio's News page

See below for a brief snippet from the demo of the theme. 

Orchestra Records Sorcery! 3 Theme

Earlier this year the opportunity came about to record the theme to Sorcery! 3 using a live orchestra. The recording session took place in late June, and the piece has now been mixed and mastered and can be heard in the game and on soundcloud. 

The orchestra and conductor were superb, rehearsing and performing some intricate passages on a tight time schedule. 

Click here to download the music

There is a score available to view below as well as a screenshot of the mixing session. 

The orchestra was a 30 piece ensemble and comprised members of the West European Symphony Orchestra. Since the original Sorcery! theme was arranged for a 'virtual' orchestra of about 60 performers - some re-orchestration was required. I also had to add the percussion tracks and Chinese instruments from my sample library.

A screenshot from the mixing session. (Click to enlarge)

White Dreams Score Available to Buy

An album of some of the music from White Dreams is available to buy online at £1.00. It features Itinera Mortis from the dream machine sequence, as well as an extended version of Adriana's Theme, and Travelling which was part of the original demo compiled for the film. 

Click on the link below to listen/buy. 

£1.00 for the whole album, or £0.50 a track. Paypal and debit/credit cards accepted.


Visit the White Dreams website here and find out more about the music here

Page 1 of the sketch score to the Dream Machine Scene (Opens in new window)

Page 1 of the sketch score to the Dream Machine Scene (Opens in new window)