Laurence Chapman - Composer

Laurence Chapman is a classically - trained composer and pianist. Recent work includes the Sorcery! saga and 80 Days from Inkle Studios. 

Orchestra Records Sorcery! 3 Theme

Earlier this year the opportunity came about to record the theme to Sorcery! 3 using a live orchestra. The recording session took place in late June, and the piece has now been mixed and mastered and can be heard in the game and on soundcloud. 

The orchestra and conductor were superb, rehearsing and performing some intricate passages on a tight time schedule. 

Click here to download the music

There is a score available to view below as well as a screenshot of the mixing session. 

The orchestra was a 30 piece ensemble and comprised members of the West European Symphony Orchestra. Since the original Sorcery! theme was arranged for a 'virtual' orchestra of about 60 performers - some re-orchestration was required. I also had to add the percussion tracks and Chinese instruments from my sample library.

A screenshot from the mixing session. (Click to enlarge)