Laurence Chapman - Composer

Laurence Chapman is a classically - trained composer and pianist. Recent work includes the Sorcery! saga and 80 Days from Inkle Studios. 

Sorcery! 2 composing underway.

After choosing between a few different approaches, the Sorcery! 2 theme is now in the works. A quicker and more burly piece than Sorcery! 3 with all sections of the orchestra getting a good workout. 

The recording session is due to take place in November, along with the yet-to-be written theme to the final part in the saga, Sorcery! 4 The Crown of Kings. Expect yet another musical contrast in this sinister and nightmarish episode.  

Inkle Studio's News page

Inkle Studio's News page

See below for a brief snippet from the demo of the theme.