Laurence Chapman - Composer

Laurence Chapman is a classically - trained composer and pianist. Recent work includes the Sorcery! saga and 80 Days from Inkle Studios. 

Original Music by Laurence Chapman

An epic interactive fantasy adventure through a weird world of magic.

Steve Jackson's Sorcery! is a four-part interactive fantasy adventure like never before, adapted by inkle Studios from Steve Jackson's books. With tens of thousands of choices, the story rewrites itself around your actions. Battle weird and deadly creatures, cast powerful spells, play with honour, or lie, cheat and steal. The fate of the land of Kakhabad is in your hands!

A rarity in iPad games, the acclaimed Sorcery! series from inkle studios features an orchestral score from a thirty piece ensemble, with the ocassional use of sampled percussion and Asian instruments. Part one uses Vaughan Williams' Fantasia on Theme of Thomas Tallis and the remaining three parts feature Laurence Chapman's original music.  

Music Download

Music Download includes piano and orchestral scores for all three themes in pdf format. 

Sorcery! 2 Khare: Cityport of Traps

The music for Sorcery! 2 is the result of a request for a theme that was "tough, taut, burly; perhaps built something like a sea shanty or a pirate song, but with the same Eastern flavour. Imagine drums like those in the galley of a slave-ship, pipes for dance, something raucous and sharp-edged." 

The recording features a 30 piece ensemble with additional 'virtual' percussion, harp and piano expertly mixed by Sound Designer Richard Brooker.

Orchestrating and preparing performer's parts for Sorcery! 2

Orchestrating and preparing performer's parts for Sorcery! 2

Sorcery! 3 The Seven Serpents

Sorcery 3 The Seven Serpents was released in April 2015 and the game is available on the App Store as well as Google Play and Amazon. It was Editor's Choice, and has received much critical acclaim. 

There are two versions of the theme: 'Main Titles', which was recorded by members of the West European Symphony Orchestra, and 'The Seven Serpents', and extended piece produced by a 'virtual' orchestra. 

"The idea behind the music for Sorcery! 3 was to create a classic adventuring piece which continued the Nepalese theme for the series as a whole. Not having a vast array of Nepalese instruments at my disposal the theme uses two Chinese instruments from my sample library; an Erhu (a bowed instrument) and the Dizi (a transverse flute.) 

To download the piano score, click here. (Opens in new window.)

To download the Main Titles live performance, click here

Sorcery! 4 The Crown of Kings

Sorcery! 4 will be released in late 2016, and concludes the saga in the Citadel of Mampang, a nightmare fortress of twisted turrets and towers. It is a cruel, miserable place out to kill you at every turn - not by force, but by despair, deceit and poison. 

The aim of the music was to balance the sense of an epic conclusion with something more sinister and threatening and subdued. It was important not to be too triumphant, but rather to set the stage for a difficult and nervous climax - but perhaps there could be a winning theme that rises above the dark. The theme was recorded as part of an hour long session along with Sorcery! 2; the ensemble did an outstanding job sight-reading complex music whilst working against the clock. 

Download the Sorcery! 4 Theme here.   Download the Piano score here. (Opens in new window)

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